1. Essential will always be a safe place for people in our city to explore the Gospel.
  2. We aggressively "get outside our walls." We are committed to going into the community to love people and pointing them to Jesus.

  3. As a church, we are equipping ourselves to reach the people of Huntsville with the good news of Jesus for years to come.

  4. We are committed to help pioneer church planting in the South.

  5. We are specifically reaching the downtown area of Huntsville. This is important as downtown revitalizations seem to be a trend that will carry through for the foreseeable future.

  6. Essential provides an opportunity to experiment with lots of ideas on how to effectively love our community.

  7. We desire to influence other churches in the area to adopt best practices in loving our neighbors as ourselves. If you're part of another church, please take our best ideas and try them -- we want to see an increasing number of people fall in love with Jesus. 

  8. We are committed to eventually opening a coffee shop, or other business, to employ people who need jobs, to roll profits into loving others, and to do all this while providing our city an excellent business. We want to create such a great product people are driving from Nashville or Birmingham to try it. 

  9. We are committed to starting 1000 churches around the world.

  10. We are committed to urging all to take a next step in following Christ. Next steps are not reserved only for those who don't know Christ. We all have a next step.

  11. We are committed to eradicating involuntary homelessness in Huntsville.

  12. We will leverage everything to see people both inside and outside of our church falling more in love with Jesus. 


    when and where

    when and where

    Essential Church meets each Sunday. We have identical services at 9:30 & 11AM. We meet at the Real Estate Row building near the intersection of Church St. & Pratt Ave. (Address: 1806 University). Services last 60-70 minutes.

    The dress is casual. There will be free delicious coffee. There are excellent programs for children birth - 5th grade. The music is going to be amazing. 

    Our pastor will be teaching a biblical message that is relevant for all of us.

    If you are a Christian, not a Christian, curious, or just want to support the friend who invited you we would love to have you! It would mean so much to us!

    Hope to see you there!


    share your story

    share your story

    Let's make it a priority to slow down from time to time and celebrate what God is doing. Share with our staff how God is using the ministries of Essential to make a difference. We'd love to celebrate what God's doing in you, with you.