The ministry of Essential Church is funded through the generosity (tithe & offerings) of our attendees. Everything given is used to advance our mission of urgently leading people to say YES to Jesus and to passionately follow Him.

Because of your giving to Essential we were able to do the following in 2016:

  • We launched our weekly services, thereby creating a safe place for people to come and explore Jesus in Huntsville
  • 13 people baptized
  • The Gospel was presented boldly and clearly each Sunday since we started weekly services in February '16
  • We volunteered and served at many community events in downtown Huntsville
  • Over 125 people plugged into a Community Group
  • 115+ people served each month at Essential
  • Through the Good Neighbor Project, $9000 was given to our strategic partners. This does not include multiple special offerings throughout the year towards our homeless ministry and a special gift to say thanks to the school that allowed us to meet there 
  • We have five staff (3 full time) who are able to devote their attention to ministering to the the people of Huntsville
  • We were able to provide exceptional programs for children
  • We saw many people who had previously been unconnected to a church come and plug into a Gospel-centered church

Lee Pilgreen is the Pastor who oversees finances. If you have any questions, please contact him at We have checks and balances in place to ensure the finances are handled with care and integrity. For details, please contact Lee

Our financial practices and structures are set up in such a way which require high standards of biblical accountability, financial transparency, integrity in fund raising, and proper use of resources. For general questions about our financial practices, contact us at

To see a copy of our 2017 budget, please schedule a time to come by the church office by emailing


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