7:  Begin 21 Days of Prayer - download the info here!

22-27:  Prayer @ Essential

  • Join us at Essential from 7 AM - 7:45 AM for prayer each of these mornings as we wrap up the last week of 21 Days of Prayer.  Enter through the side door (Kids Entrance).  Come and go as you need to.

28:  End 21 Days of Prayer

28:  Celebration!

  • God has done incredible things in our church and community, and we believe the best is yet to come. This is going to be a day of celebration! We will have something for everyone, including lots of surprises!

28:  Youth Group Launches

  • The Youth Group starts back at 11 AM at Essential.  This is for youth in grades 6-12.  Invite someone you know!


4:  First Step Luncheon

  • If you are new at Essential, this is the perfect next step for you to take to get involved in the life of the church!  There will be lunch served and childcare available.  RSVP by filling out the form below.

4:  Community Groups Launch!

  • Sign up for a group here!





If you would like information, or to sign up for any of the events above, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you soon! 

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