What to expect at essential church

Essential Church meets each Sunday. We have identical services at 9:30 or 11AM (pick the time that works best for you). Each service last between 60 and 70 minutes. We meet at the Real Estate Row building near the intersection of Church St. & Pratt Ave. (Address: 1806 University). As you arrive, you will find parking around the Real Estate Row building. There's a lot of parking in the back.

The kids drop off is at the side of the building. Please use the side entrance. There will be signs and volunteers pointing you to the right location. Find out more about our Essential Kids programming here.

After parking, make your way to the front doors. If you have children, please use the side entrance to check in your kids. These volunteers will be delighted to help you with any questions you may have. 

As you enter into the Real Estate Row lobby you will be handed a program, which has important information about the service and upcoming events. Part of your program is a connection card and an Essential Church pen. We ask everyone to fill out the connection card with the information you feel comfortable sharing. Also on the card is a place to write your prayer requests (which the staff will pray for during the week) and let us know about any next steps in your faith you would like to take, such as learning about our community groups, being baptized, etc. On your first time, please take your completed connection card after the service to the information table for a free gift!

In the lobby, to the right, you will see our coffee area. The coffee is absolutely free to you.

When finding a seat, please note that because of where the speakers are, the music is louder towards the front of the stage, and quieter towards the back. If you enjoy loud, live worship music, head to the front!

As the service begins, someone will come on the stage and welcome you. Then the band will begin playing the first of three songs. Feel free to sing along, or if you prefer just observe. 

After the songs are finished, the speaker will come up to the stage for 25-30 minutes to teach a message from the Bible that is applicable for everyone living in Huntsville. 

Next the band will come up for one more song. There will be announcements, a time of offering for anyone wishing to participate, and then we enter into our connection time before dismissing. During the connection time, please use this opportunity to meet the people around you. You can also use this time to go to our information table to turn in your connection card to receive your free gift. Also, please note that the Essential Kids' volunteers are prepared to care for your children until after the connection time is over. The service ends 60 to 70 minutes after it begins. 

If you have any questions about the service, or anything else, please do not hesitate to email info@essentialhsv.com. We make it a point to respond quickly!

Hope to see you Sunday!